We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

When we are in the midst of a crisis be it work related or in our personal lives we are faced with a stark choice. We either see the crisis as a challenge as an opportunity to find hope for ourselves and others or we surrender and let events take control of our lives.
That is the choice I faced when I lost my best friend who happened to be my father. Giving myself permission to embrace the inevitable pain I felt in my core and working my way through it using the tools in my disposable I was able to find some glimmer of hope to keep going. My writing came from my need to process my feelings so from writing my journals to writing blogs which others read I have now published a book to help others. I did not aspire to be a published author but if through my writing I can help inspire others than this is a positive outcome from the pain I felt following the loss of my father.
Losing a career or dealing with the uncertainty caused by say the pandemic, many will be facing their own dilemma’s of how they work through the crisis and change they face. Accepting change is part of life and nothing can remain the same.
Based on my experience my tips to address challenges are: –
1. Accept where we are and put things into perspective.
Stepping back from the heat of the moment allows us to see things for what they are.

2. Once we see the bigger picture, we can dip into our existing resources or reach out for expert help from those who know. If we are openminded we can change a crisis into something that gives us meaning.

3. Sometimes a situation can be beyond salvage, if so, accept it for what it is and limit the ‘damage’ rather than spend energy thinking over what you could have done or should have done. See it as a chance to explore a new path.

4. Make a list of all that you have in your life which you are most grateful for. You will be surprised.

5. Remind yourself of the many challenges in the past you overcame and list your many impossible achievements. This exercise is great at reminding you how resilient you are, and you will find the will within you to rise from the change and crisis you are facing at present.

6. Time does not stop, and relationships are fragile treat both with utmost reverence. Most of all respect and care for yourself. In time you will find your own confidence back and you will find your voice to take charge of what seems an impossible situation into something positive.

It may sound like a cliché but listing all the things in our life reminds us that there is a lot to be thankful for and there is scope for hope.
You owe to yourself not to give up and not to give in!