“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E. Frankl.

We often find ourselves complaining about our situation when most of the times if we care to observe we realise we are better off than so many.

We have the power to make choices and we are constantly making choices whether this is to do with the direction of our career or the way we are treated by others.

Many years ago, I remember having my appraisal when I was a newly qualified solicitor. In the meeting, my supervisor said my work was okay as opposed to very good! Anyway, I was naive, and I felt hurt. I remember coming home and complaining to my dad. He wasn’t a lawyer, but he had life experience and he was a businessman. His advice to me was do something about it or stop complaining and prove my bosses wrong!

I have enormous respect for my then supervisor and know with hindsight that he wanted me to excel hence the caution so that I would raise my game. This little incident really helped me because it triggered me to assess if the time had come for me to move to another firm. I did move and eventually it was there I was made a Partner.

If we feel a situation does not serve us why not see it as an opportunity to raise our game rather than complain. Often those who say things that we don’t want to hear are sometimes our true supporters.

26th October, 2021