Whether it is in our area of work or personal life we all know we probably are spinning many plates.  At times we could do with some help but nobody will quite understand our challenges like we do, so, what can we do to help simply our lives to give more joy and fun while we juggle all the tasks we must?

This is my guide to simplicity but in there I have included the many tips I have picked up from so many enlightened beings, including my Dad.

  1. De-clutter our life- There are many books on this topic alone so I will only give you my simple take on this.  This month I have set myself one goal and that is to take one ‘issue’ such as tidying one room, and then taking one corner of that room  then just one drawer to go through. When I open it I might find I have things I have not seen in a long while and I have also not needed to use in a long while. A long while in my book is 3 years.  If the item in question has not been used in 3 years and no longer gives me joy, either it goes in the re-cycle bin, the bin or the charity bag.  Some folk actually have three bags with the labels- KEEP, DISCARD OR REVIST!  This should not take more than 30 minutes a day but it has great therapeutic value and if the unused items is of use to someone else that is a bonus. 
  2. Remove unwanted activities and obligations from the diary- This sounds easy but it takes some courage.  How many activities are we committed to that really do not add value to who we are and what we do? Anything that feels like a ‘burden’ needs to come out of the diary as we really do not have the luxury of wasting our precious energy from doing things for the sake of it.
  3. Free time must mean FREE time-I have one day in a week when I do not put any to do things in my diary. I actually give myself permission to do NOTHING or do just what I must. There is a reason why we have HOLIDAYS and weekends.
  4. Keep a solid wall between me and the critics- While we should not shy away from constructive criticisms from those who have our best interest at heart we do not need energy zappers to tell us where we are going wrong.  Commitment, discipline and focus comes from staying on track and most runners will tell you simple words from a stranger along the lines of ‘you’re doing great’ is enough to give you power to keep going.
  5. Reduce/ get rid of debt- My father once told me that to build equity one must have the courage to borrow because if we borrow we have to work hard to pay it back. That is true but borrowing when it is not strictly needed will only be an emotional and financial burden to carry.  Borrow if you must but do so with purpose.
  6. Slow down- Do you ever notice sometimes you are rushing to get from A to B and then from B to C without any time in between to pause or nourish your soul and body? The constant I can do more if I stay in 5th gear catches up with us at some point. I have been on the receiving end of burn out and it is not pleasant.  It is like running an expensive car without fuel. Slow down, ask yourself is there anything in my schedule I can park or delegate or simply not do, what will happen and who will suffer? Sometimes, we think  if we do not do something nobody will, true but the world will not end.
  7. Have fun- seriously 🙂
  8. Take care of my health and spirit- Without me there is no world and to be of use to others in our world we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before we reach out to help others.
  9. Less is more and recycle- Well before the discussion of saving the planet became fashionable, my father advocated buy less and recycle more.  I try to remember when I am tempted to purchase a new item to ask myself, do I really need it. Taking a cloth bag rather than buying yet another plastic carrier bag is slowing becoming a habit for some of us but worth asking what else can I recycle rather than discard to cause less damage to our planet.
  10. Stay close to nature- I am learning from my dog the joys of daily walks. Just going outside for a short walk and feeling the fresh air, and perhaps greeting another along the way is so good for the soul, and it is free of charge plus it is good for our health. 

“There’s more to life than increasing its speed”- Mahatma Gandhi

Finally, slow down your speech and the frantic pace of all that you do and you will notice the simplicity gives you more power, purpose and meaning.


10th November, 2021