Making time sounds like we can actually manufacture more time than what we really have, but we can make time if we use the time we have with purpose and clarity.

When we talk about time management we think either we need someone to show us how to do it or we simply do not know how, but the truth is we do know how to manage our own time because in a given day we are constantly planning and delivering results at work and also in our personal lives.

Many professionals have children and pets to take care of before they come to work. Equally, at work they are constantly juggling between many projects but sometimes we feel if only we had more time. Since having more than than 24 hours in a day is not possible how do we make time matter and count so it works to our advantage and we feel more in control of our journey?

The well known saying a busy person always finds time is true.   We often have time for others but not for ourselves so by the time we have done what we want to do to help others we have nothing left in our armoury for ourselves.  Then we say to ourselves when I have more time I will travel the world, I will write a book, I will work for an organisation that makes a difference, and the list goes on and on, but how do we know we will have time tomorrow to get to the things that really matter to us? we don’t know as we have no control over what the future holds but we can be as prepared as we can be.

If at work we progress a project by connecting with the right stakeholders and create a plan of action, then surely the same applies to our personal objectives in life. We make time by being organised but we also make time by being true to ourselves. This year I made some radical changes to my ‘structured’ life style. I have gone from being a full time lawyer to actually still practising law but have created space so I can do other things which are equally important to me, such as coaching.  I would say it is the first time in years I am at peace with my pace of life because I have the same number of hours in the week but I am able to do a variety of activities that are close to my heart. This has caused me to question why I did not do this many years ago, but sometimes we are naturally drawn on a path that leads us to a point of equanimity. In my case the loss of my father made me question everything about me and how I was living my life. A seismic shift can happen following a seismic event but what if we can make time and live our true purpose before we are forced to take stock and make choices?  That would be wonderful, right?

My top tips for making time:-

  1. Give yourself permission to be who you are- be authentic.
  2. Give your time to people and causes that matter to you
  3. Get rid of distractions- having a day off from the use of your mobile phone might be hard but imagine the time you saved by not looking at the screen to check your emails or your social media traffic. Imagine the long term benefits to your eye sight if you take a rest from screen time!
  4. Start your day with a list of tasks you must done, would like to do and prioritise according the importance and urgency
  5. Do it now- If you can do something now do it don’t put it off .
  6. Make time for your wellbeing.  If you can plan a holiday a year in advance you can also plan to feed your body and mind with the goodness you need. Plan your meals, cook more and eat healthy. Stretch more and try mindfulness. Re-charging and slowing down helps us to see with clarity where we are and where we want to be. Sometimes we think of a problem and feel overwhelmed, break it down into small components and start with the end in mind.
  7. Once a month take a day off to write down your bucket list and review it periodically then see which you can accomplish in the next 6 months and what you need to do to make it happen. 

Finally, I believe life happens whether or not we make time to make it happen the way we want so, we might as well have a say in matters we can influence.   We all have a choice to make time for what matters to us.


16th November, 2021