Executive coaching for lawyers is a service I offer to my fellow professionals. Why? As a lawyer of 27 years’ experience, I have an insight in the day to day challenges we lawyers face be it in the workplace or at home. I have the industry knowledge and expertise to help other lawyers find their way through difficult times where we may feel we are losing ground. 

Have you ever felt challenged beyond words due to say…?

  1. Difficult situation at work which is keeping you awake a night.
  2. Demanding clients
  3. Managing expectations and delivering results
  4. Overwhelmed with too much work not knowing where to start first
  5. Constantly feeling you are on the edge and feeling stressed
  6. Feeling stuck and unfulfilled though you are supporting others around you
  7. Torn between putting more hours at work at the expense of family life
  8. Not having enough time for yourself because you are stretched in all directions

Well, I have been through some of these situations and have experience what it is like to be at the receiving end of being exhausted to the point of feeling I had nothing more to give. This is not a good feeling and there are always better ways to handle a given situation. However, sometimes being a leader means we are lonely at the top. While we support others, we do not have people to whom we can confide. Often by talking and processing our thoughts and emotions we can find better ways of handling a given challenge.

With executive coaching for lawyers’ program, I also offer mentoring because I have spent most of my working life in the legal sector. I know about the day-to-day work pressures on senior legal professionals working as Solicitors, legal executives, Managing Partners and those in heads of departmental roles as well as operational roles.  

We cannot help others if we do not help ourselves!

So, from one solicitor/ lawyer to another if you find yourself struggling and in need of air try my Executive Coaching for lawyers’ program.  Your emotional and physical wellbeing is too important to ignore. Successful people like Richard Branson have coaching so why can’t we?

Executive Coaching for lawyers is for those who want to gain control of their lives and find balance so that they can thrive and feel alive. Not a lot to ask for, do you agree?

Take back control and give Executive Coaching for Lawyers a try.

© Daxa Patel. LLB. (Hons); MBA

IML7 Certificate in Executive and Senior Level Coaching and Mentoring