As we experience life’s highs and lows we can look back and hopefully, appreciate how far we have come and also, appreciate that perhaps we could have done certain things better. I want to talk about shifting sands as in life and in business everything is relative but somethings and certain events stand out, and how we act then matters.  As we progress we realise we walk on shifting sands.  Unpredictability and change forces us to adapt.  

Crisis and change can be a catalyst for wholesale change in a different direction but to begin with it can feel like fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure however, benefit of hindsight allows us to look back and realise that what happened helped us grow and see our world in a different way.  Hopefully, we come through the crisis more stronger and a bit more enlightened than before. 

We take notice of leaders in public life.  When Nelson Mandela was released from 27 years as a prisoner of Robben Island he held no grudges but instead he worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere of healing and reconciliation.  Events occur which are hard to comprehend like the current war in Ukraine and the harm caused to innocent lives. When we face a change so unpredicted our reaction to the limited options before us will decide our fate.  As  Victor Frankl said “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”

As a Coach who discovered the power of coaching from my own crisis I have made it my mission to  help my clients find a way through their crisis amidst shifting sands.  Stepping back to find clarity and perspective is a challenge. It needs an appreciation that there must be another way of looking at a given situation, and to change our approach and our modus operandi if needs be. Having a safe and confidential space to work through this is what I offer to my coaching clients to help them process and find a better way of handling their crisis.  Shifting sands may not be what we want but we do have a choice as to how we manage our way through it but sometimes it’s worth having a Coach to nudge you through to a point where you can find yourself and find perspective. If you feel stuck or if you feel your situation is hopeless reach out for help.  


Executive Coach, Lawyer & Author

18th April, 2022