Daxa Patel

Coach ⋅ Author ⋅ Lawyer

I help my clients shift from striving to thriving to help them reach their optimal level of joy

Why? As I know we often forget our true potential when we are constantly busy doing things. Imagine if we were flying and enjoying a prefect harmony between life and work, it can happen but to do this sometimes it helps to pause and reflect in safe place. We all know where we want to be and we also know what to do but we need a friendly sounding board to hear ourselves think. This is where I can add value to your journey if you are ready to sit down and listen to you.

I have been a Solicitor for more than 26 years and I have had the chance to work with some amazing people.

I believe we are all leaders in everything we do. We have the power to raise our game and help others to do the same.  However, we often underestimate our true potential because we do not have time to remind ourselves of what really matters to us.

As a Law firm Partner, I have had the opportunity of learning from the best and I have also had the privilege to mentor lawyers at all levels including newly qualified to managing partners. With my coaching I had the honour of coaching headteachers, senior lawyers and business owners. The joy of what I do is to see the transformation take place.

I was a skeptic to the process of coaching until I found how transformative it was for me.

My qualifications:  LLB.(Hons) MBA. ILM 7 in Coaching and Mentoring. I am a practicing Solicitor and as a Coach and Mentor,  I adhere to the EMCC Global code of Ethics. Global-Code-of-Ethics-v2-2.pdf (emccuk.org)

When I am not a lawyer or a coach, I enjoy writing and running. I am a Trustee of Carers Leeds and a volunteer with the Silver Line/ Age UK  since 2016. I have done both these roles now for more than 5 years and love it.

My personal journey.

As a career focused professional I have struggled to bring my personal life into my professional life as I have always preferred to compartmentalise the many roles and responsibilities I have but losing my father changed all that. Until a year before my father’s death, I was a head of department and a Partner in a national law firm but I walked away from all that when I found myself trying to juggle a demanding job alongside with caring for my father who had cancer.

Leaving my career meant, I could spend more time with my elderly father and in doing so I became his fulltime carer, a role I was not qualified to do but learnt on the ‘job’. After his death I found myself utterly lost, I was not a lawyer, carer, daughter or anyone of any ‘significance’ so finding myself has made me appreciate how we take our heart and soul in all that we do. I am not ashamed to admit adversity is the greatest teacher of our true potential. It is in our darker moments we realise our own strength and value.

Having been a bereaved daughter, carer and orphan I know a little bit about grief. I have been writing blogs to make sense of my grief for the last 6.5 years, my book which was published in December 2020 is there to help others who are on a similar journey to help them find their way forward. I am not an expert on grief but I have walked my journey. I am mentioning this because coaching is also a transformational journey a chance to appreciate our authentic selves and magnificence which is hard to do when we are busy on the 9 to 5 treadmill of life!

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