Frequently Asked Questions

A bit more information on the services I provide

Who I coach?

I believe we are all leaders in all that we do. Most of the clients I have had the privilege to coach or mentor are senior lawyers, head teachers, business owners and leaders in operational roles. When I say operational roles I am not limiting this to those in business I mean anyone who is juggling with a number of challenges and is in need of clarity to find harmony and a sense of better control. As a clinical negligence lawyer I also understand the challenges faced by those in the medical and healthcare profession. I can coach Business owners, Solicitors, Doctors, Surgeons, Head teachers, leaders and those seeking a change in direction to find greater fulfilment.

What is Coaching?

Until about 5 years ago I knew little about coaching other than coaching in the context of sports. Little did I know that in my 25 years as a legal professional I have been coached by some brilliant people and I have coached many lawyers wanting to progress and find balance.

Coaching is not a form of therapy, consulting or training. It is a form of learning for self-growth, reflection and personal development. My role as your Coach is to support you, the Coachee (client) to create learning and self -development in a way that is empowering and beneficial to you. This is done through a series of conversations and brain storming sessions. As a Coach I do not advise I listen and ask insightful questions to help you to find your best solutions.

How I coach/ Types of coaching I offer:

I use a combination of insightful questioning, observation, listing and feedback to create a conversation which is rich, meaningful and leads to learning. My aim is to create greater self-awareness and appreciation of my client’s own circumstances and talents. I am flexible in how I work with my clients but I also offer respectful challenge to help them work with any self limiting beliefs so they can move forward.

Executive coaching:

Executive coaching is to help those who wish to improve their situation and achieve their desired goals. It is useful way for the client to learn new ways of thinking and approaching a given situation for optimal and happy outcomes. I say happy outcomes because all said and done whatever we want is driven by how we feel and happiness is generally what helps us be in more in harmony with ourselves and the situation we are in. An example of executive goals might be developing/ enhancing strategic thinking, gaining confidence, developing better leadership style or simply being able to work with others more effectively.


I can highly recommend Daxa as a coach and mentor to anyone who is looking to grow both professionally and personally. I have worked with Daxa both in her capacity as a solicitor and partner in a law firm, as well as a coach and mentor. Daxa has also been coaching some members of our team helping them to thrive on their professional journey.

Daxa is open, friendly and caring person. She adapts her style and coaching format to individual’s needs and is extremely dedicated and accommodating. Daxa helps to discover own goals and will support and challenge you to achieve them. She is very emphatic and understanding in the process. She has helped me personally with my professional and personal development and I am grateful for meeting her on my journey. Daxa is truly outstanding coach and I would have no hesitation to recommend her to any executive ready for an upwards change in leadership and team performance.

Client: Marcin Durlak, Managing Partner at IMD Solicitors/ IMD Corporate

I would definitely recommend Daxa as a coach! She is a very good listener and finds the best way to achieve my personal and business goals. I found Daxa‘s coaching sessions very interesting, unique and rewarding. I am so grateful to Daxa for bringing out the better me!

Client: Kristina Tomkeviciute, Paralegal at IMD Solicitors LLP

I have embarked on an amazing journey of self-discovery, with Daxa being truly a wonderful coach! I would highly recommend Daxa to anyone who seeks personal or professional development!

Client: Karol Prokopczuk, First Response Advisor and Trainee Paralegal at IMD Solicitors LLP

I would be happy to recommend Daxa as an executive coach. She blends extensive experience as a senior lawyer in the medical negligence field with a very human and empathetic understanding of grief and loss. She is a keen listener, allowing you to find your own solutions as needed but also coming up with some very good lateral ideas, if you require them. I personally have found her sessions immensely useful.

Client: Tara Howell, Spinal Research Ambassador, Founder at The Safety Egg Ltd and Blogger

Daxa’s coaching skills are just like her skill as a lawyer – sharp, incisive insights coupled with genuine interest in helping you get to where you want to be. Daxa has helped me to develop and deepen my practice by always offering challenging yet constructive feedback and consistent and friendly support. She instinctively ‘gets it’. And its these instincts which make her such an excellent coach. I have worked with a number of coaches now, and followed the work of other big names in the field. And I would value Daxa’s coaching as highly as any – there’s no ego, her focus is genuinely on your progress. It’s good to know she’s in my corner and has got my back.

Client: Gerry Andrews (MTI, CNCH, DipHMT), The Body-Mind Coach,

Daxa is an amazing person who was able to encourage me to push myself to achieve anything. Her keen understanding of persons nature and practical guidance and suggestions helped me leave my comfort zone and achieve anything I set my mind to. If you want to achieve what is seemingly impossible I recommend highly her coaching. Under her guidance impossible is achievable.

Client: Wiktor Buza, Head of Personal Injury, Senior Associate at IMD Solicitors LLP