How we can work together

I am open and friendly, I can adapt my coaching style to suit your needs.

This is how I would work with you:

Through my pragmatic approach to coaching I will support and challenge you to achieve your goals. Having discovered the benefits of coaching when I was ‘stuck’ I know it does work.

Synergy meeting:

To see how we can work together I will offer a free first coaching session and if after that, you would like to continue we can discuss the best and suitable coaching package for you.

For us to work effectively there needs to be a synergy and mutual respect. Honesty and trust between us is the foundation of a good coaching relationship

If, after our initial conversation we decide to go forward then I would recommend we make a commitment to work for a minimum of three sessions. I say this not because I want your hard earned money but because I know from experience a one-off session is simply not enough for you to get to the bottom of what it is that you might wish to explore, let alone find your solutions to take action and see the results. Like a gym membership, if the aim is to get fit than it takes more than one session to achieve that.

Telephone/ zoom meetings and in person meetings:

I can accommodate a meeting in the way it best suits you. With social distancing I have found meeting online via Zoom is more effective and focused. My clients tend to get more out of these meetings as they are not depleting their energy travelling to a specific place to meet. If we meet online than I usually recommend a 90 minute meeting.

The 90 minutes rule is just enough time to get stuck into an issue as these sessions will be emotionally and mentally demanding. A bit like a rugby or football match this is the ideal time frame but where it is necessary I am not averse to longer sessions as it is important if we have started working on a key issue that we reach a neat conclusion where possible.

If we work online then all I request is that you turn your mobile phone off and you find a safe and quiet space for our sessions. We live in a world of always being contactable often this can be disruptive as we need time to dig deep and concentrate. Due to the current government restrictions I am not meeting clients in person.